Friends of martial arts,

I am presenting to you an innovation in martial arts training, which is based on the concept of the classic wooden dummy, but offers much more. I truly hope that he will become a real sparring partner in your training and will teach you many new ways.

The philosophy of WOODEN BUDDY is based on three main pillars

1) Maximum possible settings. We want to develop during the training, looking all the time for new ways. The Wooden Buddy fulfills this purpose perfectly. The number of possible settings is considerably high. The training can be light, hard or with a resistance level of your choice. With just simple adjustments you can have it all. The Buddy is simply placed on a wall bar. You can have a small version of wall bar tailored to you or a large one, where you have the possibility to adjust the Buddy for different heights according to the needs of individual fighters.

2) Demands only little space. It is primarily intended to be installed in your apartment/house. The Buddy takes up little space, usually up to 0.3 m2, including the wall bars.

3) Customized design during and after training. Every customer has his/her own idea. Already today I offer different design versions, but there are no limits to your imagination. Thanks to the design cover it can even serve as a decorative piece in your room.

What advantages does the WOODEN BUDDY have over the classic wooden dummy?

  • It allows a large number of manual adjustments in various fixed positions due to locking. Therefore it can also serve as a classical wooden dummy
  • Continuous adjustment of resistance for the movement of the arm and the whole body via friction mechanisms, tension nut and belt ratchet
  • The possibility to adjust the return mechanism to bring the Buddy back to the original position by springs, both for the whole body or just the arms
  • Ideal for training at home. It takes up little space and can be used as a decoration even after training by simply disassembling the parts, storing them in a bag and then covering all with an elegant cover
  • Easy installation on the wall bars. No complex or massive structures are required
  • The Wooden Buddy is sturdy, stable and durable
  • It offers additional handform variants that simulate the upper and lower hook
  • Design according to your own preferences in classic wood look or with the option of different color combinations

WOODEN BUDDY manufacturing

The wooden parts are made of alder or pine, which are ideal materials for carpentry. The most modern technologies such as 5-axis milling, laser cutting, 3D printing and powder coating (Komaxit) of steel parts are used in the production of individual parts. The wood is protected by an extremely hard varnish in several layers. The rope is made of cotton with a hard core. The assembly is done by hand, carefully checking the functionality of each part. All components, including special parts, are exclusively supplied by Czech suppliers.

Arm position

The position of the arms is adjusted so that the training is as realistic as possible. The space between the buddy's shoulders is open, just like in case of a real opponent

Neck simulation

On the versions equipped with rope you will find a space simulating the neck softened with stuffing and covered with very hard leatherette

Body rotation

Thanks to the combination of the steel spike and the nylon reinforcement inside the Buddy, it turns sideways with absolute ease

Body lock

By simply removing or inserting the locking bar, you decide whether the body rotates or remains fixed in a straight position        

Adjustment of body resistance

Just pull the ratchet lever a few times and set the desired resistance. You suddenly feel like you have to work differently. Your training takes a new turn

Resistance adjustment and arm lock

The lamella system, together with the pressure spring and clamping nut, enables stepless adjustment of the arm resistance. The more you tighten it, the harder it gets.

Up to 7 locking positions are used to set the arm firmly. There is a magnet in each locking hole to secure the locking pin in its position.

System of springs

During the training a system of springs makes it possible to simulate the movement of the opponent back to his starting position. There are two options:

- Arm return. Each arm features three custom springs that reliably return the arm to horizontal position

- Full body return. A system of 6 springs brings the body back to its starting position


"L" arms

Another step forward in your training. The shape of the arm in the form of an "L", i.e. a hook. It can be set in different combinations as two upper or two lower hooks, but also in combination of a lower and an upper hook. In addition, the range offers different angles, 90 and 120 degrees.