I started martial arts around the age of 15. After finding out I wouldn't become the second Pelé and after seeing the classical movie Karate Kid, what else could I do, I started to do karate. When I discovered one day that there was a man called Bruce Lee, it became immediately clear, who would be my hero and what would be my future path. After reading his books, I understood that it is necessary to constantly evolve and to look for new paths and challenges that will bring you further and further. I devoured all his films. I was also impressed by his reincarnation in the film Karate Tiger, where I saw a strange wooden figure for the first time, that his student had to train with. And then I couldn't help it, I built my first wooden dummy at the age of 18, a real wooden dummy. I made it from a piece of a crooked trunk of a fallen tree in the garden of our cottage. I took some slats and placed it all on top of some remaining scaffolding tubes which I assembled into a kind of a structure. To this day I don't understand how I could have done that with a small drilling-machine. Just like in the movie, this one also rotated around its own axis on a pole. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to stop this rotation. After I moved away from my parents, I had nothing to train with. The construction was too big for my apartment. But thanks to the idea of a friend, with whom we trained together in the gym, to place the dummy on wall bars, I managed to realize this in my 2 room apartment. The 3 arms and a leg hanging from the bed right next to my head have always raised questions from my visitors. A rotating dummy became a stationary dummy attached to wall bars. The dummy was my longtime roommate in the apartment.

After starting a family and moving to larger premises, I was able to develop further. Another idea from my then longtime friend and trainer resonated in my head, and that was the ability to move the arms up and down and lock them in different positions. The whole time I had the problem with my wooden dummy that however hard I hit him, there was no reaction. It brought me back to the idea of rotation, which would make the training with him very different. In addition to the possibility of putting it on a wall bar and the movement of the arms, I gradually felt an inner desire to invent something more. These 3 impulses in my mind started to develop into the urge of doing something that would fulfill all my ideas about training. Maximum possible adjustments combined with minimum space requirement and a design that fits even after the training. And that's how it all started. At the beginning of 2020 I activated all my previously unknown creative thoughts. With shorter and longer interruptions it took me 1.5 years of development, production, testing and a lot of nerves. I set the highest standards for the resulting product. I knew all along that I wanted to have as many settings as possible, and I also knew that the dummy had to be absolutely durable in all situations and the resulting design had to be unique. As time went by, I strayed further and further from the classics I grew up with. It's no longer a wooden dummy, but a WOODEN BUDDY. A real training partner that will take you further and that you always have at hand at home. After 30 years since my first dummy, I am presenting you what would have been my dream at the time, but what I had not even dared to dream of back then. This is what I wished for the most when I was 18. And now you have your chance to have your own Buddy too.

I wish you all the success on your journey to knowledge.